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WineDiets takes great pleasure in offering you the ability to comment on any article displayed on this site. All you have to do is join Disqus, pronounced discuss and you can also comment on any other site worth its salt in the blogosphere.

If you want to discover and participate in the stories that matter to you, Disqus is the easiest way to jump in. You get to blog on other people's web sites without registering on their sites.  Start now, right here!

Any site not supporting Disqus is behind the times. You do not have to use your facebook or twitter or Linked In Profiles to make comments. Disqus has you covered.

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Web comments can be difficult for both websites and their readers. We think Disqus is the solution. Disqus makes it easier for people to comment and track their contributions on a single profile which they can display as a comment blog. After all, there is no difference between a great comment and a great published article.

Disqus makes managing discussions on one or multiple websites painless. With a powerful and intuitive admin interface, Disqus allows website owners to spend time elsewhere while Disqus takes care of the comments.

Key benefits for Websites, Publishers, Bloggers -- That's US!
* Threaded comments and comment ratings
* Powerful moderation and admin tools
* Filter out spam, trolls, and unwanted commenters
* Enable your visitors to become a real community
* Moderation by email or mobile
* More comments and increased engagement
* Connected with a large discussion community
* Increased exposure and readership

Key benefits for Commenters, Readers -- That's You!
* Track and manage comments and replies
* Verified commenter reputations across sites
* More control over your own comments on websites
* Never lose your comments, even if the website goes away
* Build a global profile, or comment blog, to collect and show off what you're saying
* Easier to comment on websites using Disqus
* Reply to comments through email or mobile
* Edit and republish comments with one click

Disqus is a networked community platform used by hundreds of thousands of sites all over the web. It is the commenting platform recommended for the site.

With Disqus, the website participates in a feature-rich comment system complete with social network integration, advanced administration and moderation options, and other extensive community functions. In other words, you can use Disqus on many other sites across the Internet, not just here.

Most importantly, by utilizing Disqus, you are instantly plugging into the site, with access to the full web-wide community network, connecting millions of global users to your small blog or large media hub. 

Let me say this again: Your efforts to be part of Disqus will be rewarded many times over by your ability to be treated as a trusted friend on many other sites without having to register on those sites. It should take you less than tem minutes to get established with Disqus and then come back and then go anywhere else. 

Check out the Quick Start Guide or visit the Disqus homepage for more information and a demo of Disqus.

The Comment System

Baked into Disqus' core is a powerful comment system that is designed to drive more participation and engagement on web sites since everybody including you is preregistered. Millions of other people are already recognized by the Disqus system, making it easier for them to be part of whatever sites you chose to visit.

The Network

The Disqus network consists of millions of communities, over 60 million community profiles, and billions of conversations.

The profile system built into Disqus enables community members to manage their comments and community reputations across all the Disqus-enabled sites that they visit. Using these profiles, you and other visitors can find out more about the people participating on websites.

Disqus has extensive integration with popular social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter. With Disqus, people can quickly comment and share using an existing social network profile.

The Tools

Having a popular community is hard to manage. Fortunately, Disqus also offers all of the right tools to make cultivating a large community possible. We hope that eventually this site will become a great community of American patriots. Within the admin section of Disqus, you'll find granular settings and best-of-class moderation tools. That is why we chose Disqus as the platform for site.

Here is a quick classroom lecture on Disqus that will permit you to see it in action

To sign up for Disqus simply go to