Wine Is Beautiful!

I always enjoyed WC Fields comments about his not being able to swear off strong booze. Fields said: "Don't say you can't swear off strong drink -- I've done it a thousand times!" Swearing it off is the easy part. Keeping your promise to yourself is the tough part.  

I felt that my diets had taken me right where Fields was with strong drink. "Don't say you can't lose weight,I've lost over a thousand pounds." That is still true and I know somehow again, I found them all and more. I really do not know how they came back so fast. For me, dieting was always psychological. As long as i could lose four or five pounds a week, with exercise and tough dieting -- often unhealthy, I would keep at it. But, eventually, I started to cheat and without consciously deciding to stop the diet, the cheating became the default eating pattern. Consequently, diets never lasted more than a month or two. Three months was the exception. That's why I decided that this wine diet is special. I have been on it for about eleven months and most of the time, I did not realize it.  


My last diet before the wine diet was the starve three days diet also called the heart diet. On this diet, I would lose several pounds a week for a few weeks and then, it seemed I could not lose any more. I tried it a few times but those three days were too tough and when my results were small, I simply concluded I would be fat til my dying days. I bet some of you have felt that way yourselves. 

As I approached sixty years of age,  I had become a big moose, and I had a hard time losing a pound no matter what I did. I suspect it is metabolism and over time, we have less and less ability to lose weight. Those little devils in our bodies that control our metabolism seem to get sick of all the diets and they start sounding an alarm to the body whenever they detect one starting. The alarm signals that we are being starved. Eventually, these guys would not even let me lose a single pound that would stay off for any length of time. I always wished I could speak directly to that force in my body that was making those lousy decisions. Getting older certainly makes it all the worse.

I know you all have felt that way at one time or you would not be reading this article.

You can learn about how to lose weight on this site. That is for sure. Red wine is the best but wine makes it all better, regardless of the color.  

After a little over two years on the Red Wine Diet, in December 2015, my total weight loss is 62 pounds. And, I thought I would never lose another pound!l

The best to you in achieving your goals!