Wine Is Beautiful!


Please don't be mad at me about this. Many think it is funny. There are a lot of great heart diets on the Internet. Click Here for just one of them. To see the cardiologists' humorous diet, please read more. 


The cardiologist's diet is very simple:  


If it tastes good... spit it out.


If it is red wine or dry red / black grape juice, however, and not too much, it probably will help your cholesterol and help you lost weight. If it is blush / rose' wine, or white wine, it will slightly nudge your cholesterol but you should lose weight just as in the other diets. The wine diet helped me so much that I was inspired to build a website to tell others. Just recently, I took my experience and I wrote a book. Again, make sure you ask your medical doctor before you begin any diet in which you really expect to lose weight.  Best wishes!