Wine Is Beautiful!

Please indulge me for an adjunct story about cholesterol and wine. It is not about wine per se or about dieting per se; but then again, it is!

Once in my mid to late fifties, my cholesterol was high for the times -- about 260. 


I always enjoyed WC Fields comments about his not being able to swear off strong booze. Fields said: "Don't say you can't swear off strong drink -- I've done it a thousand times!" Swearing it off is the easy part. Keeping your promise to yourself is the tough part.  

I felt that my diets had taken me right where Fields was with strong drink. "Don't say you can't lose weight,I've lost over a thousand pounds." That is still true and I know somehow again, I found them all and more. I really do not know how they came back so fast. For me, dieting was always psychological. As long as i could lose four or five pounds a week, with exercise and tough dieting -- often unhealthy, I would keep at it. But, eventually, I started to cheat and without consciously deciding to stop the diet, the cheating became the default eating pattern. Consequently, diets never lasted more than a month or two. Three months was the exception. That's why I decided that this wine diet is special. I have been on it for about eleven months and most of the time, I did not realize it.